What I Do


Transfigure is a personal training and weight loss coaching service that adheres to the highest standards of practice.  Some personal training services are generic in nature in that they aim to serve everybody. I don’t!  

My clients are regular people (not elite athletes), including many older adults, who are either new to exercise or have been out of shape for some time. Additionally, many of my clients are struggling to manage their weight in an attempt to prevent or reverse chronic health issues. By understanding and focusing on my core clients, I’ve been able to specialize in their specific needs and have the necessary tools prepared to help them realize their goals.

So what exactly do I specialize in?

Transfigure (the word and the company) is synonymous with personal transformation. In the context of my service, personal transformation is when an individual:

  1. Experiences a shift to a higher state of health and wellness.
  2. Experiences change with a degree of permanence, of irreversibility to it.

This is the cornerstone of my Personal Transformation System. A truly holistic weight management and fitness program that aims to create lasting change.  It is far more than your average personal training experience.

After over 20 years of analyzing the results and experience of hundreds of clients, I developed this system to not only addresses your exercise and nutrition needs, but also your lifestyle.  Any personal trainer will take care of the exercise component, some offer nutritional advice but what about the rest? What about the lifestyle and behavioral factors that often have the greatest impact your success or failure?

 Most people will fail to reach their goals unless all 3 components are assessed and addressed, and this is exactly what I aim to accomplish.

In addition, I coach you on achieving the right mindset to be successful with all three. Your mindset includes your thoughts and beliefs that, for better or worse, define your behaviors. When your set your mind in the right direction, your transformation and results will take off.

Simply put, I’m going to help you . . .

Get the body you want, the mindset you need, and the life you deserve.


My Philosophy

While many fitness professionals are changing their business models toward group exercise , I continue to focus and develop my services toward the individual. I don’t subscribe to practices that lump or cluster clients in a group setting  and deliver a “generic brand” of exercise. For many people, this is not the way to get the most out of an exercise program.

I realize that most people have busy lives and wish to exercise as efficiently as possible. My clients achieve their fitness goals in only 1-2 brief sessions per week. I don’t offer cookie-cutter workouts or prescribe exercises that will place you in an unstable or unsafe position. Your program constantly evolves with you and not the other way around.

I also understand that many people don’t particularly like exercise and struggle to work hard enough or long enough to get results. My ability to compassionately guide you through developing your own confidence to work hard enough AND to develop a routine that you’ll actually enjoy doing  is what truly sets my service apart.

My goal is to educate and inspire you to develop and MAINTAIN a dedication to healthy living.


Who am I?

Craig Simms

Certified Personal Trainer, CSNA, Certified Wellness Coach

As a certified personal fitness trainer and wellness coach, I have helped people of all ages and abilities for almost 20 years. In that time I’ve amassed well over 25,000 hours of personal training experience including a wide range of clientele, from the advanced athlete to people over 60 who are completely new to exercise. I offer a compassionate and professional approach to my services that I beleived has helped sustain my business over the years.

I’ve always maintained that great leaders lead from the front – not the back, and as such, aim to be an example of my own philosophy. Since day 1, I’ve prioritized professional development, with countless workshops, certifications and home study classes to stay current with evolving fitness innovations. As a lifelong student of optimal human movement and performance I hope to continue to grow and evolve as a fitness and wellness professional.  To say I’m passionate about my work is huge understatement.

I don’t practice what I preach, I preach what I practice.


Where Do I Train?

Since 2009, I’ve trained my clients out of Executive Lifestyles personal training studio. The studio is located in the heart of the Fairview Slopes and Mount Pleasant neighbourhoods in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The studio itself boasts a quiet  non-intimidating and friendly atmosphere that keeps my clients comfortable and focused on their sessions. It is also the first studio of it’s kind in Vancouver and has progressed nicely with industry trends and client demand. When you become my client you won’t pay any gym membership fees, as this space is leased to me for our use during your sessions.


    • 4200 Square Foot Club
    • Filtered Water
    • Outdoor Training Options Available
    • Professional Service
    • Quite and Comfortable Atmosphere
    • Clean Open Space
    • No Gym Memberships or Salespeople
    • State Of The Art Fitness Equipment