What Is The Free Trial?

I understand that making the decision to transform your life and body through exercise and diet is a big one. When you decide not to do it alone, the decision becomes even tougher to find an expert that is not only knowledgeable in how to get you there, but finding someone that you can trust with your most important asset- your body. This is why I’m proud to offer a complimentary trial to new clients as an opportunity to test drive our services – risk free.

Hiring a personal trainer can be a big investment for some, and as such, the free trial will help you make an informed decision from the start. If you decide to continue after that, we can proceed with your program. If you decide our approach isn’t for you, or your situation changes, you can opt out of the program without any penalty or obligation.

I also use this time to screen prospective clients. You see, in a way you are also auditioning for me. You see, my clients are human billboards for how effective our programs are, and your results are testimony to that. I realize that my program won’t work for everyone; but I do a pretty good job of determining if you’re a good fit right from the start. If I feel that you won’t get the full benefits of my services, I’ll be happy to refer you to someone better suited for your needs.

Sound fair?