What Is “Lifestyle Coaching”?

Exercise and nutrition are important components of a healthy lifestyle, but there are many lifestyle factors that can also impact your success.  These include sleep, stress, your environment and relationships. My main goal is to identify the  lifestyle concerns that might be holding you back from progressing.

Next, I lead you to create realistic goals and an action plan that focuses on the behaviors that will ultimately lead to your desired results. I always promote proven behavioral weight management strategies that are evidence-based – meaning they have been scientifically researched and found to be “real-world” effective. Step by step, I will have you on the best path to optimal wellness.

A great coach will not only motivate and push you beyond what you believe is possible, but also hold you accountable for your actions and your results. You will be taught the fundamentals of the success mindset, and how to leverage these skills to realize your full fitness potential.

I also recognize that tracking, measuring and analyzing your progress throughout your transformation is paramount to achieving consistent results.  My lifestyle coaching takes care of it all.


As Your Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach I Will . . .


checkmark Help you establish specific,measurable and realistic goals.
checkmark Set an appropriate timeline for achieving them.
checkmark Provide solutions for overcoming social, psychological and emotional barriers to your success.
checkmark Provide biweekly re-assessments and updated goal setting.
checkmark Employ regular body composition and measurement tracking systems.
checkmark Ensure you will be motivated by the consistent results you get!
checkmark Provide an empathetic ear and shoulder to lean on when you need it.
checkmark Make you accountable for your actions and your results.
checkmark Will lead by example and push you beyond what you believe you can achieve.


What My Clients Say About My Lifestyle Coaching:
Craig is an excellent coach: he really knows when to push your abilities and how much so you can get to the next level, but he’ll never push you so hard that you end up hating exercise. If there’s one thing that I’ve really taken away from him, it’s that “resting” is just as important as “working.” My upper body strength has seen such a huge improvement in such a short period of time, and I can’t thank him enough. If you’re looking for a mentor to get back into shape, Craig is unbelievably patient and absolutely will get you results you’re looking for. If you’re already in excellent shape like I was but are looking for that challenge, don’t worry, Craig can definitely provide that!  I highly recommend his services.

Plus he’s a really fun guy to be around.

Lee - Vancouver