What An Experienced & Professional Personal Trainer Can Do For You!

Make You Feel Great

Many modern illnesses can be directly attributed to an inactive lifestyle and poor nutritional habits. In as little as 4 weeks, your personal fitness program will have you enjoying more energy, strength and confidence. The burden of an unhealthy lifestyle will quickly disappear. Less pain, less illness and more vitality is your reward .

Help You Look Your Best

While your appearance is greatly influenced by genetics, exercise and optimal nutrition are highly effective tools for shaping your "best body". Not only will you be fit and healthy, you’ll look like it too! You’ll feel more comfortable and attractive . Your changes will be quickly noticed and you'll likely inspire others as well.

Help You Perform Better

Whether you’re an athlete or you just want to enjoy a dynamic, active life, you’ll need you’ll need the physical confidence and the ability to trust your body in any situation. As your personal trainer and coach, I will help you develop a balanced and functional physique that will have you moving and performing optimally.

Provide Premium Service

Your exercise experience will be uniquely personal. No groups – it’s all about you here. No entry level personal training like you’d get in the big box gyms. My experience and commitment to delivering a higher standard of service is what keeps my clients coming back. My free trial even lets you experience the difference for yourself .

Why Transfigure Is Your Personal Fitness & Weight Management Solution

  • You don't know how to set realistic goals and reasonable deadlines

  • You don’t know how to select and perform the right exercises.

  • You don’t know how to manage your nutrition (a critical factor).

  • You don’t have skills to design a long term fitness training program.

  • You lack the motivation, accountability and support to succeed.

  • You struggle to develop the habits you need to stay lean and healthy.

  • You don’t have the skills to overcome plateaus that will halt progress.

  • You don’t have a plan for maintaining your results when it’s over.

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The Testimonials

What my Clients Say

I’ve been using Craig as my personal trainer since 2008 when I was 61 and still recovering from a broken right hip. The programs he designed for me were successful in not only helping me recover from the hip injury but also giving me the flexibility I had lost over the years. As my range of motion improved, the programs moved into improving muscle strength and endurance to complement my activities: grouse-grinding, cycling and extreme skiing. His understanding of the human body and ability to tailor and modify programs continually to drive progress is the best I’ve experienced.

    Phil Dubois
    Phil Dubois

    I've been training with Craig Simms off-and-on for 7 years. He is an expert at the mechanics of the body, and when I have a few injuries he can create a full 60 minute workout on the spot that doesn't hurt me. He always gets me working for optimal weight loss without going too far. I have never had a session where he wasn't positive and cheerful and on the ball helping me keep my form. And yes, as other reviewers say, he makes up his own terrible puns and Dad jokes - a creative mind at work.

      Samantha L.
      Samantha L.

      Absolutely perfect. Craig really cares about your goals and never makes you feel bad about yourself. He's direct, efficient and tremendously intelligent. When you are his client he makes you feel that you are the most important person in the world. He adapts to your body's changes and limitations. The facilities are wonderful. Lots of equipment to work with and not crowded at all.

        Cristal N.
        Cristal N.

        I trained with Craig for 2-years and, unfortunately, only stopped when I moved away. I have since hired another trainer but wish I was still working with Craig. He is incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging. I got excellent results, learned a lot about fitness and somehow managed to push myself more than I thought possible all thanks to Craig. I highly recommend Craig as a trainer.

           Kaelyn B.
          Kaelyn B.

          On my first workout with Craig, I could barely bench press 45lbs and my pushups were really quite terrible - cyclists tend to be lower body dominate. Craig created a program for me that really focused in on my trouble areas so that I could achieve my goals. Now, 8 weeks later at the time of this writing, I am lifting 85lbs, with the weight still increasing with nearly every session, and this was all from just seeing him only once a week! My already great cardio is now really REALLY efficient, and continues to get better every week. As for my pushups, I can't believe I ever thought they were hard.

            Lee G.
            Lee G.

            Craig is an EXCEPTIONAL trainer. If anyone had told me a year ago that I would not only stick with a weight training routine for 12 months+ but find myself enjoying it, I would have said they were delusional. But here I am - formerly allergic to exercise and deeply sceptical about The Gym - showing up at dawn twice a week and seeing myself get stronger and more body-confident each time. And it's all thanks to Craig! He's a gifted teacher - patient, knowledgeable, funny, with an amazing knack for pacing each workout so it's manageable but rewarding. I can't recommend him highly enough.

              Kina Cavicchioli
              Kina Cavicchioli

              Craig Simms with older female client

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