What An Experienced & Professional Personal Trainer Can Do For You!

Make You Feel Great

Many of our modern illnesses can be directly attributed to an inactive lifestyle and poor nutritional habits. In as little as 4 weeks, your personal fitness program will have you enjoying more energy, strength and confidence. The burden of an unhealthy lifestyle will quickly disappear. Less pain, less illness and more vitality is your reward .

Help You Look Your Best

Many people carry the burden of excess weight and dream of being lean & toned. This can be your reality as you reduce body fat with a personalized weight loss program. Not only will you be fit and healthy, you’ll look look like it too! You’ll feel more attractive. Your changes will be quickly noticed and inspire others to follow suit.

Help You Perform Better

Whether you’re an athlete or you just want to enjoy a dynamic, active life, you’ll need you’ll need the physical confidence and the ability to trust your body in any situation. As your personal trainer and coach, I will help you develop a balanced and functional physique that will have you moving and performing optimally.

Provide Premium Service

Your exercise experience will be uniquely personal. No groups – it’s all about you here. No entry level personal training like you’d get in the big box gyms. My experience and commitment to delivering a higher standard of service is what keeps my clients coming back. My free trial even lets you experience the difference for  yourself .


Why Transfigure Is Your Personal Fitness & Weight Management Solution . . .

woman with personal fitness trainer
  • You don’t know how to set realistic goals and reasonable deadlines.
  • You don’t know how to select and perform the right exercises.
  • You don’t know how to manage your nutrition (a critical factor).
  • You don’t have skills to design a long term fitness training program.
  • You lack the motivation, accountability and support to succeed.
  • You struggle to develop the habits you need to stay lean and healthy.
  • You don’t have the skills to overcome plateaus that will halt progress.
  • You don’t have a plan for maintaining your results when it’s over.

Fortunately, My Complete “Personal Transformation System” Gives You . . .

Personal Fitness Plan

You’ll receive a complete personal fitness plan with comprehensive exercise instruction from your personal trainer. I only use exercises and tools that are safe, efficient and effective; to achieve results and minimize unnecessary risk to your body. Your program will be adapted throughout your journey to align with the new level of fitness you gain.

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resistance training equipment
Nutritional Coaching”

Dieting is dead. Excessive restriction and dogmatic eating patterns almost always result in failure. My Nutrition Coaching aims to remove your beliefs that an all-or-nothing approach is necessary or effective. Stop the insanity and start listening to your body. I’ll be coaching you to progressively make better food choices that will get your eating behavior back on track.

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Lifestyle Coaching & Accountability

As a certified personal trainer and wellness coach, I’ll help you uncover the motivation that will make your program successful. Throughout your journey I’m facilitating the change process and helping you break down barriers that threaten your progress. Goal setting, support and helping you develop greater consistency and self-reliance regarding your health habits.

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What My Clients Are Saying:
I’ve been using Craig as my personal trainer since 2008 when I was 61 and still recovering from a broken right hip. The programs he designed for me were successful in not only helping me recover from the hip injury but also giving me the flexibility I had lost over the years. As my range of motion improved, the programs moved into improving muscle strength and endurance to complement my activities: grouse-grinding, cycling and extreme skiing. His understanding of the human body and ability to tailor and modify programs continually to drive progress is the best I’ve experienced.

Phil Dubois
I started training with Craig Simms in September 2011. In my second week with Craig, I found out that I was 5 weeks pregnant! We decided to continue working together (with some modifications of course) and as my pregnancy progressed, so did my fitness and strength. Craig took every precaution with my growing belly, while still managing to challenge me at every session. I was still doing unassisted pull-ups at 5 months pregnant! Aside from the fact that Craig is a knowledgeable, challenging trainer, he is also a hell of a nice guy. He is a good listener and a reliable person. I gave him my absolute trust to look after myself and my baby, and he well and truly exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Craig to anyone!

I started with Craig in January ’10. Nine months later I had lost 76 lbs. and 21% body fat. I am a 56 yr. old male. Craig creates individualized work out plans that meet my goals and physical limitations from prior surgeries. The plans are updated and modified regularly. During work outs, Craig is totally focused on my technique. In addition, Craig provides nutritional advice and has completely changed my eating habits….

Richard Wallach
In November 2012 I began working with Craig to reach my fitness goals. Craig helped guide me through the process of building a strong foundation on which more strenuous exercises could be added over time. He’s definitely the type to push you past your limits in a smart way; In my case he knows when to push me to achieve more and when to alter exercises to be less stressful on my back. While being very knowledgeable and skilled, Craig is also incredibly personable; I go for the workout and stay for the laughs! In my experience, its been the best money I’ve ever spent.

Joanne Stares
My sister recommended Craig as a trainer. I always take her advice (not really). This time it was really good advice. I went to Craig with the goal of remaining healthy and improving my fitness. I want to be able to do what I do today 10 years from now. Craig took time to know my goal, and designed a program that challenges me and supports my new adventures in running. He takes pride in progress and has some entertaining stories to keep you motivated. When you leave your workout you will know you had one, and it feels great. After 10 months I am more fit, stronger, leaner and enjoying the workouts and my progress. I would recommend Craig to anyone with goals and the willingness to work toward them. You will find him a great support

Michele Mason
I found Craig online purely by chance aprox. 3 months ago and am now so thankful I did. Craig did not have me convinced when I met him that I could reach my goals of losing over 20lbs and getting fit in a few months only working out a few times a week. He was right, its been 3 months and I look and feel great, I feel better at 40 than I ever did at 30. I always hated working out, I didn’t know what I was doing and would waste countless hours on the treadmill or stair master hating life and getting nowhere. With Craig I am learning so much about how the body works, how diet and nutrition affects your metabolism and best of all, that working out does not have to be an endless experience in torture :). I now look forward to my workouts and see the results of my efforts everyday, I am a convert for life.

Kristi McCleod