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Personal Training

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PT 60

Private, one-on-one, 60 minute personal training is the most complete fitness solution available. It’s all about YOU. My goal is to educate you and inspire you through the process to help you develop a dedication to healthy living.

PT 30

Private, one-on-one, 30 minute personal training is an ideal fitness solution for the busy and or budget-minded person. If your goal is to “workout and get out” 30 minutes is probably all you need.

Partner Training

Spouses working out

Partner Training

If you’re competitive or need extra support and accountability, partner training would be a perfect fit. Partner training is an affordable alternative if you want to exercise with a spouse, a friend, partner or co-worker with compariable goals and experience. Couples that train together, stay together!

Partner training is limited to two participants to ensure an optimal level of personalization and customization that would be exected in personal training. 

Specialty Programs

before and after weight loss

Weight Management

This is NOT a diet or typical weight loss solution! My comprehensive weight management system is a synergistic, total life approach with easy, practical and sustainable solutions to your body fat problem. Safe and healthy weight loss that gives you results that last!

> Has you safley and consistently losing burdensome body fat 

> Transforms the way you look and feel – in as little as 12 weeks.

> Uses time efficient and effective exercise prescription.

Older adult exercise

Fit Over 50

I have specialized in Older Adult personal training for almost 20 years. So you can rest assured you will get stronger and more mobile in the safe hands of an experienced Older Adult personal trainer. It’s never to late to get fit and take control of your body – and your life!

> Helps reduce body fat and restore lost muscle tone.

> Increases endurance and energy levels for all your activities.

> Builds full body strength and bone mass.


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