Partner Training

Couples working out together

Partner Training is Affordable, Fun & Results Driven!


My partner training service was born out of necessity; to help facilitate the increased demand for my personal training service. Recruit your family, a friend or co-worker and work together with your personal trainer to exercise safely and effectively. This training option is best suited if you:

> Want a personalized program that is more affordable.

> You enjoy a little competition.

> You might benefit from a little extra accountability and support.

> Have already experienced the benefits on one-on-one training and require slightly less individual attention.

The classic model, and the one recommended for most clients, consists of 60 minute sessions. Each session includes a personalized warm-up, mobility, resistance and cardiovascular training component.

If you are completely new to exercise or need more individual attention and coaching to enhance your exercise experience, please consider one-on-one personal training .

SPT 60

$65per session/per person

Each session includes complete warm-up (movement prep), resistance training, endurance training and a flexibility/mobility component. The degree of each is determined by the clients goals.