You can be sure that as a Transfigure client, I will always adhere to the following standards of practice:


  1. Provide quality instruction to all my clients.
  2. Screen health, exercise and nutrition history by having all my clients complete the health screening questionnaire forms.
  3. Provide modified training programs for my clients with special requirements or fitness levels.
  4. Obtain specialized education for training special groups, e.g., the mentally disabled, osteoarthritis, seniors fitness etc.
  5. Investigate, learn and incorporate valid, current research in the programs that I create.
  6. Apply logic and objectivity, not emotion and subjectivity to all procedures.
  7. Be knowledgeable and competent in CPR and emergency procedures while providing and maintaining a safe and effective training environment.
  8. Encourage commitment to quality nutrition and fitness as a lifelong goal by following a regular exercise program and proper dietary habits.
  9. Promote resistance training as a means of maintaining fitness and health.
  10. Educate my clients about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and promote self-reliance when appropriate.
  11. Track the progress of my clients and offer assistance when needed.
  12. Respect the confidentiality of my clientele, never to disclose to any person any personal information acquired by a client unless authorized, in writing, by the client, unless a risk of health or death becomes an issue.
  13. Uphold a professional image by dressing appropriately, refraining from unhealthy practices and maintaining a positive attitude.
  14. Accurately represent our qualifications, avoid misleading advertising, and accept responsibility in all our actions and fitness recommendations.
  15. Conduct business in a manner that commands the respect of the public within this industry and for the goals in which we strive.
  16. Supply sufficient information to enable consumers to make an informed decision regarding personal training package services, and that all promotional material is truthful, accurate, and clear.
  17. To never use  false advertising or marketing procedures that mislead or misrepresent pricing, benefits, consumer needs or staff abilities, or produce sales based on fear or guilt.
  18. To ensure my promotional materials do not encourage unrealistic expectations and the outcomes attainable from my services or the facility and equipment provided.
  19. To never intentionally mislead or make false comparisons with services offered by competitors.
  20. Maintain honesty in all business transactions through fair pricing and abiding to all contracts; and deliver what is promised through contract and otherwise.
  21. Provide a high value of service to enhance customer confidence and loyalty, thus improving long-term commitment, and continue to increase the value and benefit of services and programs.
  22. Remain current on theoretical and practical information within the field through continuing education activities or by reading/viewing quality information.