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Why do I need a personal trainer?

There's only one reason you would want to work with me - results! I work with you to set up a blueprint for success. Doing this alone has proven fruitless for the majority of people. This is because most of us need the accountability and an unbiased perspective that has become the cornerstone of our personal training service. I'm here to guide you along every step of the way, from where your body and health are right now, to that ideal body and health you have in your mind.

I'm here to answer all your questions, address all your concerns and help you achieve the body and life you have always wanted. With my help, and your willingness to change, I guarantee you will get there. Do you want to get started now?

You offer a free trial for personal training, is it really free?

Yes it is. I understand that making the decision to transform your life and body through exercise and diet is a big one. When you decide not to do it alone, the decision becomes even tougher to find an expert that is not only knowledgeable in how to get you there, but finding someone that you can trust with your most important asset - your body.

This is why I'm proud to offer a complimentary trial to new clients as an opportunity to test drive my services. It includes goal setting, fitness and nutritional assessments, body composition analysis and a free workout. If you decide my approach isn't for you or your situation changes, you can opt out of the program without any penalty or obligation on your part.

I have no idea what to eat. Will you help me with my nutrition?

Nutrition and lifestyle choices are perhaps the single most important elements that will influence your results. Since your success is the most important thing to me, you can bet I’ll help you get your eating habits in check from the get go.

That said, if you're looking for prescribed diets or meal plans, you've come the wrong place. I do not subscribe to handing out “canned”, one size fits all diet print-outs based on some arbitrary caloric calculation, but rather work with you to get your eating on track. It's always based on your current needs and level of compliance.

Most people know how to eat healthy, but that doesn't make it any more likely to happen. My approach makes sure you not only know how to eat healthy, but that YOU WILL actually do it!

How soon can I expect to see changes?

Although you have my unlimited support, motivation and expertise, making healthy changes to your lifestyle is going to take a focused effort on your part. That being said, the workouts you receive here are specifically designed to ensure that your progress is optimal and in accordance with the pre-determined timeline to achieving your goals.

There are many factors that can influence the type of results you get, and the rate at which you achieve them. Age, genetics, internal motivation, lifestyle activities and gender are just a handful of program “influencers”.

As my client I will help you identify the ones holding you back and help you overcome them, so that you will see changes in your body as quickly as possible. Basically you’ll see results fast enough to keep you motivated but slow enough to be healthy and sustainable.

Why shouldn’t I just go join a gym for $40 to $80 per month?

I know that you have endless amounts of options to choose from to lose weight, get in shape, and get healthy, but it is a lot easier said than done. Recent studies have shown that 65% of people that join a gym stop going within the first 30 days of joining, and 89% stop going within the first 90 days. That same study showed that weight-loss seekers that had some sort of social support and accountability lost 50% more body fat than the test group that attempted to lose the weight on their own.

Plus personal trainers and wellness advisors in the corporate gym environment tend to be entry level workers and motivated primarily by sales figures rather than your wellness. This will limit the amount of quality assistance and education you can expect from them.

At the end of the day, losing weight and getting in shape is about motivation, accountability - and knowing the right way to reach your goals. It’s also about establishing an entire lifestyle change. This is not a quick-fix program—it is a comprehensive lifestyle management program that incorporates strength, cardio, nutrition, accountability, education, motivation, and social support. You can’t fail with my personal training system.

All my friends go to abootcamp or fitness class, isn't that just as good?

While some boot camp and group exercise instructors have put together great programs and are truly passionate about that style of exercise, this is by far the minority case. Most personal trainers running bootcamps and group exercise classes have high profit margins as a primary motivation and lack the critical thinking skills necessary for you to train successfully and without injury.

Many of my clients started out in bootcamps and quickly looked for better alternatives because they:

> didn't like the set times and cancelled workouts from poor enrollment.
> .didn't like the same workouts repeated over and over.
> didn't like the lack of individualized programming and specialization.
> didn't like getting injured and were weary of high impact exercises
> didn't like the unfavorable outdoor conditions like the rain, cold and snow.
> didn't like working out in terrain ripe with animal excrement, trenches and broken glass.
> didn't like the long term financial contracts.

Always remember that you get what you pay for!

Do I need to do any other workouts on my own?

This will depend on what your needs are. For example, if we determine that working out 2-3x/week is ideal for you but you’ve only budgeted to see a trainer 1x/week, then you may receive a supplemental regimen to complete on your own. Of course you will be properly trained on any exercise protocol that you are asked do on your own.

You will need access to another facility to perform these workouts as our studio policy only allows you to exercise while under the guidance of a trainer.

Regardless of your situation, this about lifestyle change and you can't expect to not do the work and still get the results. In many cases you may also be advised to complete additional cardiovascular and stretching routines to augment your regular program.

How much will it cost?

My rates are affordable for most clients, especially since I provide training options that tailor to your needs and budget. Please visit the relevant program/training pages for detailed rates and services.

You'll find that the tiny investment you make now saves hundreds if not thousands of dollars over buying useless exercise equipment, gym memberships and diet products that just don't work. I focus not only on your results, but educating you throughout the process to be self sufficient in the future.

Sounds great, how can I get started?

Schedule your Free Trial, or call (778) 892-2533 and I’ll get you started on the fast track to a better you!

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