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My System – What It Is


Much more than an average workout, you get a fully optimized training experience that’s tailored to your distinctive personality, preferences, goals, abilities and limitations. A uniquely holistic approach that includes elements of lifestyle and behavioral change to ensure that you get great, lasting results.

“My goal is to not only train you, but help transform you!”

To accomplish this, we address 3  critical components to achieving success in a fitness program. These include  a personal fitness plan, a sustainable approach to healthy eating and lifestyle coaching.

To find out if my system is right for you, you’ll follow a 3 step process . . . 

My System – What It Is Not


There are some personal training services out there that claim to be much more than they are. Some promise unrealistic results and often overcharge for their service. While others offer cheaper alternatives that are anything BUT personal.

Some programs will lump you in with a group of people who have completely different needs than yourself and deliver their own special brand of “generic” exercise. This is fine for some people, but this is NOT personal training.

Transfigure aims to maintain the highest standards of practice and to NEVER participate in or endorse:

> Programs promising rapid fat loss or muscle building results in record time..

> Severely restricted diets and fad weight loss schemes..

> Promising the best results with the least amount of effort..

> Exercises that intentionally place you in an unsafe position, increasing your chance of injury..

> Progressing you too fast with inappropriate advanced exercises and techniques..

> Workouts that seem to randomly change without any noticeable progression.

> Wasting your valuable time engaging in unproductive activity.

> Lumping you in a group and calling it personal training..

> Expecting you to commit to unfair long term financial agreements.

As you can see, my system is not a type of workout, it’s not the latest style or gimmick, it’s a systematic approach that teaches you the fundamentals of a successful fitness or weight management program. There are no shortcuts and there’s nothing involved that you can’t do, no matter what your fitness level is. It just takes calculated, dedicated and precise action. Steps that can be repeated time and time again, because this is how it should be done to garner the benefits of a fit and healthy body, now and forever.

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