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Why is being fit over 50 important?

Because many people 50 years or older have at least one chronic health condition that in many cases could be improved with physical activity. Left unchecked, an enevitable decline ensues where up to half of women aged 70-80 report having difficulty with walking, climbing stairs and performing general housework.

These are alarming stats to say the least but why does this have to happen?

Once adults pass their physical prime in their teens and 20’s, they lose an average of 10 ounces of lean body mass per year. This loss is mostly muscle tissue. What’s worse is that this loss of functional tissue is accompanied by an average gain in body fat of 1 pound and 10 ounces. This results in a 1 pound gain of body fat per year that starts in your 30’s and continues well into your 70’s.

Not a pretty picture is it?

This process is more insidious and crippling than osteoporosis  yet few people notice it until the experience impairment in daily living and ultimately lose their independence  This gradual muscle loss is NOT an inevitable consequence of aging but an inevitable consequence of disuse.

And it actually get’s much worse

The price of inactivity goes well beyond muscle loss.  It sets the stage for in a downward spiral of function and an increased likelihood of experiencing: high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, premature death,  diabetes,  depression,  stroke,  back pain,  mental illness, osteoporosis,  joint pain, fractures and falling. Falling is the sixth leading cause of death among those over 65.

In fact, 24% of people over 50 who fracture their hip, die within 1 year.

Fortunately, many of the conditions that directly contribute to falls and balance and mobility problems are trainable. With the right approach.

Exercise is no longer an option, it’s a basic necessity


I’m sure you already know that you need to get more active – that’s why you’re here!  The real question is how are you going to implement exercise into your lifestyle? If you’re like many older adults you probably don’t like exercise and either find it boring or too hard. Maybe you’ve had bad experiences with exercise in the past, and maybe you even got injured for your efforts.

Even if do you happen to enjoy exercise, the excuses still abound. “I don’t have time “or “I don’t know what to do” are all possible reasons you may have for putting it of. Whatever your reason for remaining inactive, you’re now ready to become more active and take on an exercise program – right?

Not so fast!

Before you take on an exercise program there are a few problems you need to consider first:

> You may not know how to set measurable goals and appropriate time-lines for achieving them.

> You may not know the right type of exercise and how to perform them safety.

> You may not know how to progress your exercise as your fitness improves.

> You probably don’t know how to make exercise fun and rewarding.

> You might believe exercise needs to be painful or uncomfortable to be effective.



These are just a few of the challenges you’ll face that will dramatically affect the outcome of your efforts.



In fact most people will FAIL to make much progress and either lose interest, or worse, get injured when attempting to exercise without qualified fitness    instruction from the onset.

My Fit Over 50 Program is your Personal Fitness solution

I’m sure you already know that you need to get more active – that’s why you’re here!  The real question is how are you going to implement exercise into your lifestyle? If you’re like many older adults you probably don’t like exercise and either find it boring or too hard. Maybe you’ve had bad experiences with exercise in the past, and maybe you even got injured for your efforts.

As an Older Adult Fitness Training Specialist, I will provide a comprehensive assessment of your abilities and goals to design an age-appropriate exercise program just for you! A program that focuses on muscular strength, endurance, postural control, balance and mobility. I will progress you through each stage of your development with fun, yet challenging progressions that you will find rewarding and motivational. This is critical, because a good exercise program is the one you’ll actually want to do – and stick for the long term.

I’ve been personal training older adults (folks over 50 years of age) and seniors for over 20 years and I’ve seen them in all shapes, sizes, and abilities. This is why my program works well, not only for highly inactive and inexperienced individuals, but also for the active older adults who may want more structure and guidance in their fitness program.



The Level 1 program is perfect for seniors but it’s designed for any older adult who has been inactive and wants to become more active. It is safe and gentle enough not to cause pain or injury, even if you’re not used to exercise. The focus is initially on balance, endurance and mobility development. My goal is to improve your ability for day-to-day activities, increase your confidence and independence, and improve your quality of life while reducing the risk of falls and fractures.


If you’re ready for more of a challenge or consider yourself to be in good shape already, then my Level 2 program is for you. Many of my older adult clients have developed a level of fitness that often exceeds many of my younger clients – more than half their age. I will motivate you to think beyond general fitness and use a more specific  approach ( ie. for sport or leisure activity ) to develop your body and skills beyond what you thought you ever could.

The Testimonials

What My Clients Say

My personal training experience began with Craig in 2006. He is very professional and caring in his approach and in continually upgrading his skills. Together we set tough but realistic and attainable goals. I can now proudly say I am strong, fit and yes…over 50!

    Marj Allen

    I have been working out with Craig for several years now, always in the early morning. I am “over 50” and feel as fit, if not fitter, than I ever have felt. Craig is able to create varied programs that are challenging yet rewarding. Unlike other trainers I see working alongside us, Craig is very focused on my progress and is great at always knowing just how much to push me to try my best – even at 6 am!

      Raquel Hirsch
      Raquel Hirsch

      I started with Craig in January ’10. Nine months later I had lost 76 lbs. and 21% body fat. I am a 56 yr. old male. Craig creates individualized work out plans that meet my goals and physical limitations from prior surgeries. The plans are updated and modified regularly. During work outs, Craig is totally focused on my technique. In addition, Craig provides nutritional advice and has completely changed my eating habits….

        Richard Wallach
        Richard Wallach

        I’ve been using Craig as my personal trainer since 2008 when I was 61 and still recovering from a broken right hip. We focused on getting my flexibility and mobility back in my right leg for the first nine months or so, and as that improved on increasing the range of motion in my upper body, particularly the shoulders. The programs he designed for me were successful in not only helping me recover from the hip injury but also giving me the flexibility I had lost over the years. As my range of motion improved, the programs moved into improving muscle strength and endurance to complement my activities: grouse-grinding, cycling and extreme skiing. His understanding of the human body and ability to tailor and modify programs continually to drive progress is the best I’ve experienced. I continue to do one-two sessions a week with Craig because he never loses his focus on making you better than you were the week before!

          Phil Dubois
          Phil Dubois

          Craig Simms with older female client
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