Personal Trainers Hate Exercise Too!

This may come as a shock to many of you, but most (if not all) personal trainers would rather do just about anything other than their workout. Surprising? I guess you figured we trainers are the epitome of discipline, bastions of sweat and sacrifice who spend all of our free time  pursuing fitness excellence. While most of us do subscribe […]

Weight Loss FAQs

I have written extensively on the subject of weight loss, but I thought it might be useful to create a page that addresses the most common questions I get about losing weight. Here are answers to 7 common questions surrounding weight loss “best practices”. These answers are based on current research, backed by my own personal […]

Is it Really Necessary to Exercise to Lose Weight?

Many people believe that joining a gym and adopting an exercise program is the solution to their weight loss problems. If this were true we’d see far more success stories leaving the gym each day, but of course this simply isn’t the case.  To get past this, you have to accept that becoming overweight or obese is a […]