7 Ways To Afford A Personal Trainer On A Budget

It was the year 2001, the economy was booming and everywhere people were flocking to gyms. I was just entering the fitness business as a personal trainer and worked for a well-known fitness conglomerate here in Vancouver.  I was poised to create lasting change in the minds and bodies of  all this new blood entering my world. […]

What’s Wrong With Your Workout?

Have you ever been frustrated by a lack of progress from your workout?  Maybe you tend to get injured easily whenever you exercise.  You definitely aren’t alone, as many gym regulars have experienced the letdown of crushed expectations and diminishing returns from their exercise program. To understand why this happens, you need to know that […]

More Weight Loss FAQs

Here we go with another roundup of  Weight Loss FAQ’s. If you missed the first post, be sure to check it out here. This time I bring you 5 questions that have a lot of people frustrated and confused. With so much conflicting information to sift through, it is my hope that these well researched […]

Your Post-Workout Nutrition Solution

So, you’ve just had a hard workout. You’re tired, hungry and you probably just want to eat the first thing you see, right? Well, not so fast – this is the critical moment that can have the greatest impact on your long term performance and results: post-workout nutrition. Everyone wants to know what’s the best thing to […]

Pre-Workout Nutrition: Just the Basics

I often tell my clients that when they walk through the gym doors for their workout, they become something far greater than themselves. They become a solider engaged in a battle against the enemy; waging a war against the inevitable impact of inactivity, degeneration and premature aging. Now, a soldier would never go into battle […]

Personal Trainers Hate Exercise Too!

This may come as a shock to many of you, but most (if not all) personal trainers would rather do just about anything other than their workout. Surprising? I guess you figured we trainers are the epitome of discipline, bastions of sweat and sacrifice who spend all of our free time  pursuing fitness excellence. While most of us do subscribe […]

Weight Loss FAQs

I have written extensively on the subject of weight loss, but I thought it might be useful to create a page that addresses the most common questions I get about losing weight. Here are answers to 7 common questions surrounding weight loss “best practices”. These answers are based on current research, backed by my own personal […]

Is it Really Necessary to Exercise to Lose Weight?

Many people believe that joining a gym and adopting an exercise program is the solution to their weight loss problems. If this were true we’d see far more success stories leaving the gym each day, but of course this simply isn’t the case.  To get past this, you have to accept that becoming overweight or obese is a […]

Understanding The Benefits Of Resistance Training

Most of you have read about the benefits of resistance training and probably have – or intend to – incorporate some form of it into your routine. The research is quite conclusive in support of daily, weight bearing exercise as a means of overcoming many of the degenerative effects of aging, the prevention of certain […]

Is Having a Personal Trainer Right For You?

If you think that having a personal trainer is the best option for you, you might be surprised by the answer. When most people make the decision to improve their health, get in shape or reach a seemingly distant fitness goal, they immediately think that they need to hire a fitness professional. While there is nothing wrong […]