Kick-Starting Your Body With Breakfast

In my last post I proposed a that a change in lifestyle habits as the new paradigm in weight management. Using the scale and measuring tape as the sole means of measuring progress usually results in short term results and a lifetime commitment to modern “dieting mentality”.  Behavioral change, not unjustified restriction, is the new way, and the only sustainable way […]

A Change Of Habit

We’re now well into January and it’s time to take stock on your efforts to become leaner, fitter and healthier this year. At this point, you should be asking yourself: Am I progressing and reaching my weekly goals? Is my approach sustainable for the rest of the year? Does my approach make me feel healthier […]

Your Realistic Resolution Solution

This is not the usual New’s Resolution drivel that inundates you each Christmas. Every year you’re treated to a barrage of articles reminding you of your holiday overindulgence and recycled tips to get you to lose weight. These tips focus on short term, quick fixes and only encourage the destructive dieting mindset. Does anyone really […]

Diet Deliverance – Solutions For The Chronic Dieter

Asian women eating celery

I HATE the word diet! At least in the context that most people use it. Diets and dieting are synonymous with restriction, deprivation and suffering. If diets conjure up such a negative state and perception, is it any wonder that they don’t work –  at least not for very long. If they did work, wouldn’t everyone […]

Exercise Prescription For Beginners

I want to be clear, when I talk about beginners I’m referring to “real people”, not athletes. People who are completely new to controlled exercise. I like to refer to these people as “raw beginners“. This article is also relevant for people that have exercised sporadically in the past and are returning from an extended layoff. Basically anyone who is unaccustomed to resistance […]

6 Reasons Not To Exercise (And Why You Should Ignore Them)

[dropcap style=”text” color=”lime-green”]L[/dropcap]ike most people, I’m sure you have your own long list of reasons to blow off exercise despite knowing the benefits of getting it done.  As a personal trainer for over 10 years now, I’ve heard every reason out there.  And let’s get this straight – although there are a lot of good reasons to skip […]

3 Ways To Fail With A Personal Trainer

When you set out to hire a personal trainer, you probably have a few expectations as to what the experience will be like.  Maybe someone close to you has had a trainer and related their experiences to you. Maybe you’ve seen one on T.V (hopefully not) and developed an idea as to what a personal […]

Women and Weight Loss – 7 Factors That Influence Your Metabolism

Do you exercise, eat properly and yet still struggle to lose your stubborn body fat? If so, you’re not alone and here’s why. Perhaps the most important variable governing your weight loss success is your metabolic rate (metabolism). This is the rate at which your body uses food energy to support normal function throughout the body.  Metabolism […]

Women, Weights and Results

These days, there’s no shortage of women flocking to the gym in search of the holy grail to tone and spot reduce their “problem areas“. While this is great news, it’s very apparent to me that women are as confused as ever about how to achieve these goals with weight training. Who can blame them?   Women […]

Why I Love Training Older Adults

When I first entered the fitness industry over a decade ago, I never imagined I would have become an Older Adult Fitness Specialist. I was a strength and physique athlete who simply aspired to help others like myself. But before too long I was presented with my first older adult client who was probably just as nervous as […]