What Are The Benefits Of Having A Personal Trainer?

personal trainer and client

Research is clear that working out alone delivers sub-optimal results, at best.  But why does this occur?  What is it about the trainer/client relationship that reinforces success?  What are the benefits of having a personal trainer in your corner? Before we can answer these questions, you first need to be sure that personal training is right […]

What Do You Expect From Your Workout?

girl doing lat pulldowns

I like to think of myself more as “personal health accountant” rather than a personal trainer to my clients. Making my clients accountable to their program and their results is of paramount importance to me. It’s also because I believe that the latter has become such a nebulous term. There are now so many different approaches to […]

Group Personal Training – The Greatest Oxymoron in Fitness ?

female aerobics class

As far back as 2006, I’ve been hearing the phase “Group Personal Training”. I was working as a personal trainer at a local, big box gym at the time and I remember that the concept seemed strange to me. Historically, personal training has always been a one-one-one relationship and I couldn’t see how working with […]

Can a Personal Trainer Help You Lose Weight?

Weight loss goals

If  January is national weight loss month, February should be called “national hire a personal trainer month“. As a trainer myself, it’s always interesting to me that January is my slowest month of the year, yet February is the beginning of the busiest stretch for welcoming new clients to my business. This might be surprising […]

The Real Keys to Weight Loss Success!

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Once again, weight related goals are forefront in the minds of  the nearly 50% of North Americans who made New Years’ resolutions this year. Now, as our National Weight Loss Month draws to a close, it’s typically time for the 38% of  those “resolutioners” who decided that 2014 would be their year to finally lose weight to […]

Don’t Get “HIIT” by the Fitness Marketing Machine

woman sprinting

Every year, fitness professionals (such as myself) are inundated with new gizmos, gadgets and programs that promise to deliver better results for clients and in less time.  In some cases these new innovations prove quite useful.  Most, however, fall short of their promises and only serve to distract both the layperson and the professional from […]

Why Your “Friends” Are Keeping You Unhealthy

One of the most frustrating aspects of my work is to have a client who works so hard on their fitness and nutrition,only to have it all blown apart by their negative social circle of  influence. I’ve watched clients struggle to maintain lost weight (and even regain all of it)  because their spouse sabotaged them […]

If You Booze, You Lose!

[dropcap style=”text” color=”lime-green”]F[/dropcap]or many people, who have been jacking themselves up on stimulants all day ( i.e. caffeine, nicotine and sugar ), there comes a point when what comes up, must come down. Since alcoholic drinks eventually create a state of tranquility and stupor, they are the preferred choice to close out the day. Alcohol is one of the the oldest recreational drugs […]

You’re Not As Active As You Think You Are!

woman jumping

Hopefully by now you’ve implemented breakfast into your routine, gotten rid of or reduced your reliance on stimulants for energy, and are ready to embark on your next phase of change. In this third installment of behavioral/lifestyle change, I want to challenge you to move more. I also want to challenge your idea of what it REALLY means […]

Your Caffeine, Nicotine And Sugar Liberation

cartoon cigarette, red bull can and coffee cup

In my last post, I showed how eating a balanced breakfast can lead to heightened brain function and sustained energy for several hours. I challenged those of you who are struggling with this to commit to having breakfast every day for 21 days. When eating breakfast becomes habitual, there’s never a need to kick-start the body with drugs such as caffeine, nicotine and […]