The Real Keys to Weight Loss Success!

keys on a keychain

Once again, weight related goals are forefront in the minds of  the nearly 50% of North Americans who made New Years’ resolutions this year. Now, as our National Weight Loss Month draws to a close, it’s typically time for the 38% of  those “resolutioners” who decided that 2014 would be their year to finally lose weight to […]

A Change Of Habit

We’re now well into January and it’s time to take stock on your efforts to become leaner, fitter and healthier this year. At this point, you should be asking yourself: Am I progressing and reaching my weekly goals? Is my approach sustainable for the rest of the year? Does my approach make me feel healthier […]

Your Realistic Resolution Solution

This is not the usual New’s Resolution drivel that inundates you each Christmas. Every year you’re treated to a barrage of articles reminding you of your holiday overindulgence and recycled tips to get you to lose weight. These tips focus on short term, quick fixes and only encourage the destructive dieting mindset. Does anyone really […]

6 Reasons Not To Exercise (And Why You Should Ignore Them)

[dropcap style=”text” color=”lime-green”]L[/dropcap]ike most people, I’m sure you have your own long list of reasons to blow off exercise despite knowing the benefits of getting it done.  As a personal trainer for over 10 years now, I’ve heard every reason out there.  And let’s get this straight – although there are a lot of good reasons to skip […]

Personal Trainers Hate Exercise Too!

This may come as a shock to many of you, but most (if not all) personal trainers would rather do just about anything other than their workout. Surprising? I guess you figured we trainers are the epitome of discipline, bastions of sweat and sacrifice who spend all of our free time  pursuing fitness excellence. While most of us do subscribe […]

How to Set Fitness Goals For 2011

I’ve decided to follow up on a post I did last year on setting fitness goals and expand on the psychology of achieving them. Of course everyone wants to be healthier, sexier and more fit this year and I’m sure many have pledged that this would be the year they would finally achieve it. I’m equally sure […]

Don’t Have Time To Exercise? Think Again!

Have you ever stopped eating for several days because you didn’t have time to eat? Or stopped using the bathroom because you didn’t have time? I hope the answer is no. So why do most people struggle to find the time for something as critical as their health and fitness? There are many reasons why […]

That Little Thing In Your Head Keeping You Fat And Unhealthy

Have you ever wondered why you just can’t find motivation to exercise? While this is a complex issue, there is one thing that will kill your chances of getting fit and healthy. I’m talking about that little thing in your head called fear. Let’s look at how it  inhibits many of us from making positive changes […]

The Importance Of Focus and Arousal To Your Workout

Before I dissappoint too many people, this is not about how to get sexual turned on while working out. In fact, that should be the furthest thing from your mind at that time. I’m writing about increasing your concentration and motivational arousal to sufficient levels to maximize your results in the gym. There are many […]

Building Motivation For Getting In Shape

Nowadays everyone is at least aware that they NEED to exercise to stay healthy, but is knowing this enough? Usually not. There needs to be an underlying conscious, or subconscious incentive to reach a particular goal. Of course I’m talking about motivation. How a person becomes motivated depends on their personality and can be enhanced with the promise […]