How To Completely Transform Your Body In 12 Weeks

Today I’d like to put the spotlight on perhaps the most important part of my business; mastering the art of the body transformation.  First, let’s define what a body transformation is : A body transformation is an intensive period in which an individual attempts to achieve the greatest change in body composition (loss of fat and increase […]

What Does An Optimal Workout Feel Like?

I am no different from most people who exercise, in that I like strong muscles and being healthy, but my prime objective and motivator to exercise is to look good. I enjoy seeing my abdominals, the vascularity in my arms, the detail and separation in my thighs, and the feel of pumped, firm musculature. It […]

How to Build Muscle the Natural Way

I’d like to follow up my entry on why we get fatter as we age with the solution to the problem.  So what can we do to prevent the loss of lean mass over time as we age?  Is it possible to control anabolic (tissue building) forces within the body to oppose the destructive effects of oxidation […]

10 Tips To Make Sure You’re Working Hard Enough In The Gym

Today I want to talk about exercise, or more accurately, training with real intent (with a goal) and intensity (with appropriate effort to complete the goal). You see, there is a difference between exercise and training.  Training for a goal is defined as “preparation with the purpose of an action”.  Whereas exercise is defined as “work or effort”.   […]

Are You at Risk of a Weight Training Injury?

The world we live today is vastly different from the one I grew up in. When I first started weight training people who lifted weights were a dirty little subculture that the rest of society shunned with blind aversion. It seemed only bodybuilders and strength athletes knew what we now all know; weight training makes […]