What Do You Expect From Your Workout?

girl doing lat pulldowns

I like to think of myself more as “personal health accountant” rather than a personal trainer to my clients. Making my clients accountable to their program and their results is of paramount importance to me. It’s also because I believe that the latter has become such a nebulous term. There are now so many different approaches to […]

Don’t Get “HIIT” by the Fitness Marketing Machine

woman sprinting

Every year, fitness professionals (such as myself) are inundated with new gizmos, gadgets and programs that promise to deliver better results for clients and in less time.  In some cases these new innovations prove quite useful.  Most, however, fall short of their promises and only serve to distract both the layperson and the professional from […]

Exercise Prescription For Beginners

I want to be clear, when I talk about beginners I’m referring to “real people”, not athletes. People who are completely new to controlled exercise. I like to refer to these people as “raw beginners“. This article is also relevant for people that have exercised sporadically in the past and are returning from an extended layoff. Basically anyone who is unaccustomed to resistance […]

Women, Weights and Results

These days, there’s no shortage of women flocking to the gym in search of the holy grail to tone and spot reduce their “problem areas“. While this is great news, it’s very apparent to me that women are as confused as ever about how to achieve these goals with weight training. Who can blame them?   Women […]

What’s Wrong With Your Workout?

Have you ever been frustrated by a lack of progress from your workout?  Maybe you tend to get injured easily whenever you exercise.  You definitely aren’t alone, as many gym regulars have experienced the letdown of crushed expectations and diminishing returns from their exercise program. To understand why this happens, you need to know that […]

My Universal Guide To Getting in Shape

So who else wants to get in shape and start feeling and looking better now? I’m sure you already answered that for yourself before you found this article. The problem for you now is how to go about it. Today there are more options than ever and while some are better than others, I’ll try […]

The Importance Of Focus and Arousal To Your Workout

Before I dissappoint too many people, this is not about how to get sexual turned on while working out. In fact, that should be the furthest thing from your mind at that time. I’m writing about increasing your concentration and motivational arousal to sufficient levels to maximize your results in the gym. There are many […]

The Age Of The Super Woman

 The purpose of this post is not only to celebrate women but also to send out a wake up call to all the men out there that are losing a grip on their role among the sexes. I should come as no surprise to any of us that the hallmark of being a “real man” […]

Your 12 Weeks To A New Body Series Continued. . .

If you have followed the first 2 weeks of the body transformation series than your probably ready to move on. Week one was all about establishing a baseline and foundation (for those new to weight training).  Week two introduced the split routine and more overall training demands.  The calories at this point were kept slightly below maintenance, […]

Your 12 Week Body Transformation – Week Two

Here we go with the second installment and week 2 of the 12 week body transformation series. The first week was meant for you to set goals, establish baselines and begin building the foundations of  your program. This week you will focus on three things: Learning to lift weights with more intensity, continue with moderately […]