Exercise Prescription For Beginners

I want to be clear, when I talk about beginners I’m referring to “real people”, not athletes. People who are completely new to controlled exercise. I like to refer to these people as “raw beginners“. This article is also relevant for people that have exercised sporadically in the past and are returning from an extended layoff. Basically anyone who is unaccustomed to resistance […]

Women, Weights and Results

These days, there’s no shortage of women flocking to the gym in search of the holy grail to tone and spot reduce their “problem areas“. While this is great news, it’s very apparent to me that women are as confused as ever about how to achieve these goals with weight training. Who can blame them?   Women […]

Understanding The Benefits Of Resistance Training

Most of you have read about the benefits of resistance training and probably have – or intend to – incorporate some form of it into your routine. The research is quite conclusive in support of daily, weight bearing exercise as a means of overcoming many of the degenerative effects of aging, the prevention of certain […]

Are You at Risk of a Weight Training Injury?

The world we live today is vastly different from the one I grew up in. When I first started weight training people who lifted weights were a dirty little subculture that the rest of society shunned with blind aversion. It seemed only bodybuilders and strength athletes knew what we now all know; weight training makes […]