5 Ways Being In Love Can Help You Lose Weight

Don’t worry I haven’t gone completely soft but I feel that Valentine’s Day didn’t get it’s due this year, taking a backseat to the Olympic Winter Games. With most people celebrating their country and not their relationship. What does Valentine’s Day have to do with weight loss and physique transformations? As you’ll see…..plenty! This isn’t […]

New Year, Same Junk – Top 5 Weight Loss Scams to Watch Out for in 2010

Well 2010 has rolled in, lugging in last year’s strain of scams and hoaxes.  This year, forecasters anticipate old scams repackaged with new themes and more sophisticated methods. According to the Better Business Bureau, the lucrative trend for scam artists in 2009 was playing off of people’s emotions.  This year however, experts are predicting a […]

How to Conduct Safe and Effective Health and Fitness Research Online

The following are some good recommendations for how to conduct safe and effective health and fitness research online •   Make an appointment with a qualified fitness professional first. Never use the Internet to replace in-person attention. Before you even open your web browser, book an appointment with a qualified local trainer. Just about every personal trainer […]

Dangers of Online Fitness Resources

Today I want to address the issue of using the Internet as a prime tool for obtaining health and fitness information.  In a recent study by the Pew Internet Project, eight in 10 people use the Internet to look for health information, with only 75 percent verifying the credibility of the source and the date it […]

What Many Fitness Experts Don’t Want You To Know

If I only had the time, money and energy back that I wasted in the early days of training.  I followed the best programs and used the best supplements money could buy.  I experienced good results, for a period, only to go right back to where I started; thus began the virtual merry-go -round that most […]

Exercise and Alcohol

Alcohol and exercise will always interact for many reasons: Guilt from having one too many will force someone back into the gym before they are ready; alcohol is mainly marketed toward sports and leisure (sometimes I participate in a sport I don’t enjoy just for the ensuing beer-infused camaraderie); lastly some exercise enthusiasts will view […]

Should You Train a Sore Muscle? The Debate Continues

As I write this latest blog entry, I find myself grimacing with every movement I make – why? Because I have delivered myself a nice dose of DOMS this week. Anyone who has ever exercised or exerted themselves in a manner they are not accustomed to is familiar with that debilitating feeling left in the […]

Are You at Risk of a Weight Training Injury?

The world we live today is vastly different from the one I grew up in. When I first started weight training people who lifted weights were a dirty little subculture that the rest of society shunned with blind aversion. It seemed only bodybuilders and strength athletes knew what we now all know; weight training makes […]