How to Conduct Safe and Effective Health and Fitness Research Online

The following are some good recommendations for how to conduct safe and effective health and fitness research online

•   Make an appointment with a qualified fitness professional first. Never use the Internet to replace in-person attention. Before you even open your web browser, book an appointment with a qualified local trainer. Just about every personal trainer offers a complementary assessment and or consultation. Use that time to get to know him/her, their credentials and experience. Look for trainers that specializes in the area(s) you are most interested in. If you choose wisely at this step you may not need to execute any of the other recommendations.

•    Try to stick to official websites of reputable health associations . Since the Internet is not regulated, a website that appears to be credible and scientific may still present false, partial, erroneous or incomplete information.

•    Avoid sites with affiliate ads and bannersall over the page. This demonstrates that the site administrator has made a conscious decision to make money from you and therefore may not have your best interests at heart. Of course this isn’t always the case as some webmasters put a lot of effort into their sites and need to cover costs but you should be aware nonetheless.

•    If it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. How many times have you seen sites or ads online with unbelievable physique transforming photos with promises that you can do the same in 6 weeks….guaranteed. It’s amazing what can be done with photoshop and an unscrupulous fitness professional. While some can change their bodies to astonishing levels in a short period of time, this is the exception and not the rule. If the claims seem plausible then you need to exercise good judgement to weed out the quality sites from the ones aimed at marketing.

•   Use sites that teach you how to eat and exercise rather than tell you what to eat and train. One that demonstrates the science and application of exercise and nutrition. These are few and far between but they do exist. They understand that changing your body into a healthier one is not easy and that you will need to be supported every step of the way.

•   Avoid sites with a gang-like or cult mentality. Although some good information can be found on these sites, the members that have been so brainwashed into buying into a single system that they become very lonely, very fast. Just read some of their forums, god help anyone who would speak out against the “system”. Again it’s gang spirited hatred. Unhealthy and unproductive.  Everybody wants to feel like they belong and it is the truly lost individuals that get sucked in the most. Stand on your own, question everything and learn the basics.

Your success on any health and fitness program is determined by your ability to make informed decisions and use good judgment in your actions. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, but learn from them. There are so many people making a profit off your inability to do just that. This industry is on the biggest and most attractive markets for Internet businessman and they have saturated the resources with their garbage. I believe it’s time for people to see the writing on the wall and take control, with appropriate guidance and support to finally achieve the body you’ve always dreamed of.

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Craig Simms

Craig Simms

Craig Simms is a personal trainer and weight loss coach in Vancouver, B.C. Craig has been a fitness leader for over 21 years and has amassed over 25,000 hours of personal training experience in that span. He specializes in personalized weight management programs.
Craig Simms
Craig Simms

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