What Are The Benefits Of Having A Personal Trainer?

personal trainer and client

Research is clear that working out alone delivers sub-optimal results, at best.  But why does this occur?  What is it about the trainer/client relationship that reinforces success?  What are the benefits of having a personal trainer in your corner? Before we can answer these questions, you first need to be sure that personal training is right […]

What Do You Expect From Your Workout?

girl doing lat pulldowns

I like to think of myself more as “personal health accountant” rather than a personal trainer to my clients. Making my clients accountable to their program and their results is of paramount importance to me. It’s also because I believe that the latter has become such a nebulous term. There are now so many different approaches to […]

Group Personal Training – The Greatest Oxymoron in Fitness ?

female aerobics class

As far back as 2006, I’ve been hearing the phase “Group Personal Training”. I was working as a personal trainer at a local, big box gym at the time and I remember that the concept seemed strange to me. Historically, personal training has always been a one-one-one relationship and I couldn’t see how working with […]

Can a Personal Trainer Help You Lose Weight?

Weight loss goals

If  January is national weight loss month, February should be called “national hire a personal trainer month“. As a trainer myself, it’s always interesting to me that January is my slowest month of the year, yet February is the beginning of the busiest stretch for welcoming new clients to my business. This might be surprising […]

Why Your “Friends” Are Keeping You Unhealthy

One of the most frustrating aspects of my work is to have a client who works so hard on their fitness and nutrition,only to have it all blown apart by their negative social circle of  influence. I’ve watched clients struggle to maintain lost weight (and even regain all of it)  because their spouse sabotaged them […]

3 Ways To Fail With A Personal Trainer

When you set out to hire a personal trainer, you probably have a few expectations as to what the experience will be like.  Maybe someone close to you has had a trainer and related their experiences to you. Maybe you’ve seen one on T.V (hopefully not) and developed an idea as to what a personal […]

7 Ways To Afford A Personal Trainer On A Budget

It was the year 2001, the economy was booming and everywhere people were flocking to gyms. I was just entering the fitness business as a personal trainer and worked for a well-known fitness conglomerate here in Vancouver.  I was poised to create lasting change in the minds and bodies of  all this new blood entering my world. […]

Personal Trainers Hate Exercise Too!

This may come as a shock to many of you, but most (if not all) personal trainers would rather do just about anything other than their workout. Surprising? I guess you figured we trainers are the epitome of discipline, bastions of sweat and sacrifice who spend all of our free time  pursuing fitness excellence. While most of us do subscribe […]

Is Having a Personal Trainer Right For You?

If you think that having a personal trainer is the best option for you, you might be surprised by the answer. When most people make the decision to improve their health, get in shape or reach a seemingly distant fitness goal, they immediately think that they need to hire a fitness professional. While there is nothing wrong […]

How Will You Get In Shape This Year?

Well, we’re finally seeing a little sun now in Vancouver, which is a reminder that it’s time to get in shape for the summer.  Nowadays, the options for getting into shape are limitless. Some methods have stood the test of time, while others are new and innovative.  Of course, there are always methods that are absurd and […]