Your Caffeine, Nicotine And Sugar Liberation

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In my last post, I showed how eating a balanced breakfast can lead to heightened brain function and sustained energy for several hours. I challenged those of you who are struggling with this to commit to having breakfast every day for 21 days. When eating breakfast becomes habitual, there’s never a need to kick-start the body with drugs such as caffeine, nicotine and […]

Kick-Starting Your Body With Breakfast

In my last post I proposed a that a change in lifestyle habits as the new paradigm in weight management. Using the scale and measuring tape as the sole means of measuring progress usually results in short term results and a lifetime commitment to modern “dieting mentality”.  Behavioral change, not unjustified restriction, is the new way, and the only sustainable way […]

Your Post-Workout Nutrition Solution

So, you’ve just had a hard workout. You’re tired, hungry and you probably just want to eat the first thing you see, right? Well, not so fast – this is the critical moment that can have the greatest impact on your long term performance and results: post-workout nutrition. Everyone wants to know what’s the best thing to […]

Pre-Workout Nutrition: Just the Basics

I often tell my clients that when they walk through the gym doors for their workout, they become something far greater than themselves. They become a solider engaged in a battle against the enemy; waging a war against the inevitable impact of inactivity, degeneration and premature aging. Now, a soldier would never go into battle […]

How To Choose The Right Whey Protein Supplement

I know that for many people, choosing a whey protein supplement can be an intimidating and confusing ordeal. Usually people rely on a recommendation from a friend or from someone they believe to be an authority in the matter. This can have many negative consequences if you (the consumer) aren’t educated with the knowledge to exercise […]

The Right Whey To Boost Your Energy Levels

Do you have uncontrollable cravings for sweets, breads and fatty foods? Have you lost motivation to complete simple tasks? Have you recently felt depressed ? Feeling like you’re always drained of energy ? Are you struggling to keep off belly fat? Do you suffer from the flu/colds often and does it seem to take forever to recover? Do […]

How To Prep Your Kitchen For Weight Loss

In my last post, I pointed out why you can’t rely on exercise alone to lose weight.  It is clear that your food choices have a significant impact on your weight and need to be properly managed.  This can be difficult for a number of reasons.  Maybe you’re too distracted with other areas of life.  Maybe you have […]

How To Be Your Own Diet Expert

Most of us don’t realize it, but we all are nutrition and diet experts, at least in relation to our own nutritional needs. In a society where we are spoon fed solutions to any and all problems we have developed an unhealthy behavior of dependency. This is not only unhealthy, but also unproductive. This point […]

Using Creatine Supplements In A Physique Transformation

To expand on the use of supplements in a physique transformation, I’d like to focus on one of the most popular performance enhancing supplements of the last 20 years; creatine monohydrate. So why would you use creatine supplements? Lets first look at what it is and what it does: Creatine monohydrate has always been known […]

Why Nutritional Supplements Don’t Work

Today I want to tackle the most confusing part of any body transformation program – nutritional supplements. Specifically to this post, I want to address whether popular nutritional supplements actually work and if they are even necessary for your needs. This is important to know because there is no subsection of the fitness industry more notorious for breaching […]