Why Your “Friends” Are Keeping You Unhealthy

One of the most frustrating aspects of my work is to have a client who works so hard on their fitness and nutrition,only to have it all blown apart by their negative social circle of  influence. I’ve watched clients struggle to maintain lost weight (and even regain all of it)  because their spouse sabotaged them […]

If You Booze, You Lose!

[dropcap style=”text” color=”lime-green”]F[/dropcap]or many people, who have been jacking themselves up on stimulants all day ( i.e. caffeine, nicotine and sugar ), there comes a point when what comes up, must come down. Since alcoholic drinks eventually create a state of tranquility and stupor, they are the preferred choice to close out the day. Alcohol is one of the the oldest recreational drugs […]

You’re Not As Active As You Think You Are!

woman jumping

Hopefully by now you’ve implemented breakfast into your routine, gotten rid of or reduced your reliance on stimulants for energy, and are ready to embark on your next phase of change. In this third installment of behavioral/lifestyle change, I want to challenge you to move more. I also want to challenge your idea of what it REALLY means […]

Your Caffeine, Nicotine And Sugar Liberation

cartoon cigarette, red bull can and coffee cup

In my last post, I showed how eating a balanced breakfast can lead to heightened brain function and sustained energy for several hours. I challenged those of you who are struggling with this to commit to having breakfast every day for 21 days. When eating breakfast becomes habitual, there’s never a need to kick-start the body with drugs such as caffeine, nicotine and […]

Kick-Starting Your Body With Breakfast

In my last post I proposed a that a change in lifestyle habits as the new paradigm in weight management. Using the scale and measuring tape as the sole means of measuring progress usually results in short term results and a lifetime commitment to modern “dieting mentality”.  Behavioral change, not unjustified restriction, is the new way, and the only sustainable way […]

A Change Of Habit

We’re now well into January and it’s time to take stock on your efforts to become leaner, fitter and healthier this year. At this point, you should be asking yourself: Am I progressing and reaching my weekly goals? Is my approach sustainable for the rest of the year? Does my approach make me feel healthier […]